The Quad Ambulance District provides pre-hospital advanced life support services 24 hours a day, 7 days a week utilizing the latest state of the art equipment. Our highly trained professional staff housed at our facility on Minerva Rd. is available to respond to emergencies on a full-time basis.Through the use of certified Paramedics, Advanced and Basic life support personnel, the care you receive during a significant emergency medical event will statistically enhance your chances of survival and will hopefully allow you to realize an imminent and complete recovery from the illness or injury you experience.
Our facility houses two fully equipped modular style ambulances both capable of providing advanced life support care and comfortable transportation to the hospital. The delivery of advanced life support services is critical in a setting that is primarily rural and located some 30 minutes from the nearest primary care facility. Advanced life support professionals have the capability to monitor heart rhythms, initiate intravenous therapy, administer medications and intubate individuals who are incapable of breathing under their own power.

In the event of a serious traumatic injury, rapid intravenous fluid replacement therapy may, in all likelihood, thwart the effects of serious blood loss and sustain life even though transport to the hospital may be many minutes away. During a heart attack, the rapid administration of cardiac medications may calm an irritated heart muscle and decrease the amount of permanent damage resulting from vascular blockage.

In addition to the two primary ambulance vehicles, Quad maintains a fully equipped  rescue vehicle which plays a crucial role in the extrication of victims trapped inside of their vehicles following traffic crashes. This vehicle carries hydraulic cutting and spreading tools that are capable of removing entire doors and roofs from cars or trucks. Pneumatic air bags are available to help remove victims from overturned vehicles such as heavy farm equipment or from structural collapses.
Many local firefighters have volunteered their time and efforts to staff our rescue vehicle operations and have spent a good deal of time training for various critical incident scenarios. Utilizing interested volunteers further enhances Quad’s main priority of providing quality pre-hospital care to individuals living, working or visiting inside the boundaries of our District.

In addition to the traditional emergency care services typically provided by our organization, we also offer community education programs designed to train the public with some basic emergency first aid and CPR skills that may sustain an individual’s life until more advanced care arrives.

Please check our site frequently to find out when the next community classes will be offered. These classes are provided at little or no cost to the public and are held at our facility on Minerva Rd.

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