Service Costs and Billing

The Quad Ambulance District is financed through the generosity of those residents owning property within the confines of the District boundaries. Residents approved a 5mill property tax assessment in November of 2006 that provides us with the necessary financial means to operate a fully staffed operation around the clock.

As a resident of our District, consider your property tax contribution as an “insurance policy” effectively ensuring you and your family access to emergency medical care in the event you experience a significant medical incident. Your share of the property taxes we receive will be the only financial contribution you make no matter how often you request our service.

In the event you utilize our service requiring transportation to a local hospital, Quad will bill your medical insurance for the service we provided. However, Quad accepts whatever amount your insurance company agrees to pay us toward the bill and you will not be responsible for any unpaid portion not covered by your insurance.

Individuals that we provide care for that are not residents of our District and who do not contribute a portion of their property taxes to support us financially, are billed and expected to pay for the service we provided. This procedure is followed so we do not experience undue strain on our financial resources by individuals not contributing a portion of their property tax to us through the operating levy.

In the unlikely event you request our service and our ambulance is already occupied by serving another individual’s request for help, we will make every effort to secure additional staff and respond with our backup ambulance. Occasionally, additional staff members are unavailable due to other personal commitments and a private ambulance may be requested to respond to your emergency. This seldom occurs however, if it should, the private ambulance service will subsequently bill you for the services they provide and expect that bill to be paid in full. If you are a resident of our District and a private ambulance is sent to you by our dispatchers to assist you because we were servicing another emergency, Quad Ambulance will pay for any portion of your private ambulance bill that is not covered by your medical insurance providing you submit the requested documentation we require to facilitate payment of the bill.

It is a priority of the Quad Ambulance District Board for our district’s residents to understand that their willingness to sustain us financially is comparative to purchasing an “insurance policy” for emergency medical care. Our organization appreciates your financial support and will continually strive to mitigate any out of pocket expenses you may incur for emergency medical care.

All of the funding we receive through the insurance and non-resident billing policy is utilized for the overall operation of the service including the purchase of equipment and facilities improvement.

If you have specific concerns about your billing, please contact Ohio Billing at (330) 874-1140 or Toll Free at 1-888-689-6446. A representative from Ohio Billing will assist you with your questions.

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