Board of Directors

The Quad Ambulance District is comprised of the following geographic boundaries: The Village of Waynesburg, the Village of Magnolia, Sandy Township and Rose Township in Carroll County. Each of the four entities appoints one citizen to be their respective representative on the Board of Directors.

The Board of Directors meet the second Thursday of each month at 7pm at the Quad Ambulance Facility located on Minerva Road. The Quad Ambulance District is a public governmental entity that is specified and defined in the Ohio Revised Code. The Board administrates the overall operations of district business including determination of the most cost effective fiscal resources and appropriating the annual operating budget.

Individual board members, though they are entitled to it, have elected to receive no monetary compensation for their service to the Quad Ambulance District. This decision results in the savings of several thousand dollars in tax revenue better utilized for emergency operations and it articulates the Board’s commitment to being fiscally responsible to the financial supporters of our service.

The board’s ultimate priority is to provide the most professional and efficient emergency medical service to all of the constituents of the District. The board strives to provide and maintain the most technologically advanced equipment available as well as experiencing a consistent rapid response to all emergency requests.

Currently, the following individuals serve on the Board of Directors:

Ronnie Reed
Sandy Township

Gary Gardner
Rose Township

Jerry Shilling
Village of Magnolia

Brady Kail
Village of Waynesburg

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