Public Service Announcement

As of 10:00am Thursday December 27th, 2018 Quad Ambulance District, along with the Magnolia Fire Department and Mohawk Valley Fire District, switched dispatch centers. All three departments are now dispatched by the Stark County Sheriff’s Office – StarCom.

What this means when you’re having an emergency and one of these departments are your provider for fire, rescue, or EMS:

In Stark County – When using 911 your calls will no longer be transferred. The person answering the phone is likely the person that will dispatch the appropriate agencies.

In Carroll County – When using 911 your calls will still need to be transferred.

Alternatively, these departments share a ten-digit local emergency number – (330)866-2228 – that is forwarded and answered by the sheriff’s office. This line may be answered – “Sheriff Maier’s office” – Its ok, you have the right number, and again, the person answering this line is likely the person that will dispatch the appropriate agencies.

If you have any questions or concerns you can contact Quad Ambulance at our administrative offices (330)866-9847.

Be safe and thank you for your support.

Health Tips

Shoveling snow during the winter months is a common cause of heart attacks.

Please keep the following ideas in mind when shoveling snow this winter.

Work at a slow pace and take frequent breaks.

Drink plenty of water while working. You can become rapidly dehydrated due to extreme sweating under heavy winter clothing.

The head is the best place for heat to escape from your body. A stocking hat will greatly reduce the amount of heat you lose while working outside.

If you feel tired or any type of pain, IMMEDIATELY stop working and rest. Your body is trying to tell you are working too hard. Ignoring these warning indicators could lead to serious heart problems.

Keep a cell or portable phone with you while working. If you should happen to fall and be unable to get into your home, you can dial for help from outside. If you don’t remember the number for help, dial 911.  The appropriate help will assist you.

Hire a neighborhood youngster to assist you or to do the shoveling for you. It will prevent you from risking your health and the youngster could use a little spending money as well.

Remember, cold weather and labor intensive tasks don’t mix well. Many heart attacks could be prevented if people remember to exercise caution when shoveling snow in the winter.

Check back next month for a new and informative health tip. The community’s health is our greatest concern.